Len: Our Ownest Darling Girl

Britain  Part One

Part One: Growing up in Britain 1925 – 1945  Online


Cairo   Part Two

Part Two  1:  Fresh and Innocent   Online

Part Two  2: Quick ripening of Intense Feelings    Online

Part Two  3:  Life as Medicine    Online

Part Two  4:  Cholera and Riots    Online

Part Two  5:  Betrayed    Online

Part Two  6:  Bouncing Back  Online

Part Two 7:   Experimental Theatre   Online

Part Two  8:   Marriage: No Second hand or damaged material  Online

Part Two 9:    Hectically Excited   Online

Part Two 10:  Almost Home and Noel  Online

Part Two  11:  Marriage and the Scum of the World   Online


Porton Down   Part Three

Part Three  1:  Sht.Hand Typist, Porton.  Transferred from Overseas Duty.    Online

Part Three 2:  Mean Mum and Mean Noel.    Online 

Part Three 3:  Goodbye Noel, Hello Teaching    Online

Part Three 4:   Imagine me a School-Maam    Online

Wynyard Hall   Part Four

Part Four 1:  Wynyard Hall    Online 

Part Four 2:  What Happened Next (Concluding chapter)   Online



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